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Let’s protect the Right to Work for all

Right-to-Work is a Tennessee Tradition: Let's Protect It Now!

Some things are fundamental to Tennesseans. Established in 1947, our right-to-work law is one of them. But it is now under attack, and we need your help to protect this right.

What is right-to-work? It states that Tennesseans cannot be forced to join a union and pay dues in order to get or keep their job.

Research shows that right-to-work states like Tennessee have higher real income growth, employment growth, and population growth. But it has come under attack both nationally and in other states. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is fighting to overturn right-to-work laws across the nation, including right here in Tennessee. That’s why state legislators voted to give Tennesseans the choice to place right-to-work in our state Constitution, which would protect your freedom in the workplace and our strong state economy for generations to come.

The choice is now yours. Amendment 1 will appear on the November 8, 2022 ballot. Help protect right-to-work by voicing your support below and voting “Yes on 1” next fall!

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What Leaders are Saying

“This amendment will protect the rights of Tennessee workers and strengthen our economy for years to come.”

—Gov. Bill Lee

“This amendment will protect the rights of Tennessee workers and strengthen our economy for years to come.”

—Gov. Bill Lee

“Tennessee’s Right to Work laws have been critical to producing the economic growth our state has experienced over the last decade.”

—Lt. Gov. Randy McNally

“This will strengthen our economic standing, support our current and future workforces, and also ensure this state remains open for business.”

—House Speaker Cameron Sexton

“This amendment will guarantee future generations of Tennessee workers their right to work regardless of whether they choose to join a union.”

—Sen. Brian Kelsey, SJR2 Sponsor

“Our citizens deserve to have their right to freely work enshrined and protected by our Constitution from this point forward.”

—Rep. Chris Todd, HJR72 Sponsor